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Hyundai I20 1.2 Petrol
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Battery Specification Capacity (Ah) Warranty Price in INR
Designed with reformulated Advanta paste recipe, Amaron Flo batteries are perfect for Indian cars that have to withstand extreme weather conditions. High cranking power ensures starting in any weather conditions. Premium silver alloys (SILVEN X) ensure low-corrosion and makes it durable. Factory charged and has patented BIC vents that enhance safety. 45 Ah Free 24 Months + Pro Rata 24 Months
MRP: 4989.00  
With old Battery: 3700.00
Without old Battery: 4500.00
Okaya Wheelz
OW 450 L
Okaya Wheelz, a Maintenance Free Battery with Japanese technology contains Calcium (for extra power) and Controlled Sliver (Ag) and Bismuth (Bi) (for longer life) that ensure a smooth start anytime, anywhere. Factory charged, Robust grid design to handle vibration, especially designed for Indian conditions. 45 Ah 18 Months Free of Cost + 18 Months Pro-Rata
MRP: 5355.00  
With old Battery: 4350.00
Without old Battery: 4950.00
SF Sonic
SF Sonic Jet is an affordable range of batteries for popular cars and MUVs. Cost effective yet doesn?t compromise with performance, designed with Hybrid MF Alloy from Japan for improved performance and reliability. Good starting power and endurance, equipped with fume arrestors that enhance safety. Easy to handle, factory charged, instant ignition after reasonable periods of idle stand.
45 Ah Free of cost for first 24 Months, Pro Rata from (25-48) Month
MRP: 5679.00  
With old Battery: 4200.00
Without old Battery: 5000.00
Exide Max range of batteries come factory charged, which makes them ready to use. Fully tested and can provide you guaranteed performance for sure. Coin-flush vent plugs seal the battery and helps in preventing pollution. Advanced Hybrid Grid Alloy technology ensures durability and minor water loss. Robust plate design makes it durable and minimizes corrosion. 45 Ah First 24 Months Free of Cost, Next24 Months on Pro Rata Basis
MRP: 6139.00  
With old Battery: 5050.00
Without old Battery: 5850.00
SF Sonic
SF Super Sonic battery with C21 alloy is latest inclusion in the car battery segment. The Patented Japanese C21 alloy helps in withstanding harsh conditions, making it a durable product. Gives your car superior starting power and instant ignition, comes equipped with arrestors that prevent acidic corrosion and sparks. Dual-plate protection protects the battery from shocks and vibration. 45 Ah Free of cost for first 30 Months, Pro Rata basis from (31-60) Month
MRP: 6431.00  
With old Battery: 4600.00
Without old Battery: 5400.00
Exide Matrix, completely sealed, maintenance free batteries, come with cutting edge Ca-Ca system. No topping up during guaranteed service life span. Long wet shelf life, no freshening charge required for up to 6 months from manufacturing date. Special paste formulation for Positive and Negative plates give higher life anticipation with flawless charge acceptance in service. Double Clad Polyethylene and Glass Mat partition makes the battery highly reliable and durable. Omega type cover design makes it spill resistant. 45 Ah First 30 Months Free of Cost, Next 30 Months on Pro Rata
MRP: 7428.00  
With old Battery: 6000.00
Without old Battery: 6800.00

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