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  • CFA12189F4_1411640878_power-box.jpgSF Sonic Power Box FSP0-PBX1350

SF Sonic Power Box FSP0-PBX1350

Key Feature
  • Capacity (Ah): 135Ah
  • Maintenance Free: Yes
  • Warranty: Free of cost for 24 Months
  • Price: Rs. 11003 28 % OFF
  • With Old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 8000
  • Without Old Battery: Rs.10000
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Warranty: Free of cost for 24 Months
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Rs. 8000
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SF Sonic Power Box FSP0-PBX1350 Description

SF Sonic Power Box Inverter batteries have special Hybrid Alloy system, which makes them suitable to withstand Indian weather conditions. To protect the battery from shock and vibrations, the company has provided dual plate separation. These batteries are factory charged and ready to use. SF Sonic Power Box inverter batteries come with Float Guide that indicate electrolyte level and protects you from harmful fumes.

Electrical Load Recommended Inverter Ratingt Back-Up Time
4 Fans + 4 Tube Lights300 to 850 VA2 to 3 Hours
2 Fans + 2 Tube Lights300 to 850 VA4 to 6 Hours

Specifications of SF Sonic Power Box FSP0-PBX1350
Battery Capacity 135 Ah
Warranty 24 Months
Battery Type Flat Plate Battery

* Subject to availability of stock & delivery. Please read our shipping policy.

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