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Voltage Stabilizers

Voltage Stabilizers

Microtek EMT1390

Price: Rs. 239040 % OFF

Discount Price: Rs. 1449

Microtek EMR4013

Price: Rs. 279020 % OFF

Discount Price: Rs. 2249

Microtek EMT2090

Price: Rs. 289021 % OFF

Discount Price: Rs. 2299

Microtek EM4170 Plus Digital Voltage Stabilizer

Price: Rs. 294041 % OFF

Discount Price: Rs. 1749

Microtek EM5170 Plus Digital Voltage Stabilizer

Price: Rs. 374043 % OFF

Discount Price: Rs. 2149

Microtek EM4150 Plus Digital Voltage Stabilizer

Price: Rs. 384030 % OFF

Discount Price: Rs. 2699

Microtek EM4130 Plus Digital Voltage Stabilizer

Price: Rs. 564026 % OFF

Discount Price: Rs. 4199

Microtek EM5130 Plus Digital Voltage Stabilizer

Price: Rs. 714030 % OFF

Discount Price: Rs. 5049

Microtek EML3090

Price: Rs. 929022 % OFF

Discount Price: Rs. 7299

Microtek EM4090 Plus Digital Voltage Stabilizer

Price: Rs. 964024 % OFF

Discount Price: Rs. 7399

Microtek EML5090

Price: Rs. 1329026 % OFF

Discount Price: Rs. 9849

Voltage Stabilizers

All of us know what voltage fluctuations can do to electrical appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions etc. Voltage Stabilizers are designed specifically for this purpose. Voltage Stabilizers regulate voltage and provide constant voltage to your expensive appliances. They prevent permanent damage to appliances caused because of high or low voltage.

BatteryBhai has a range of high quality digital voltage stabilizers from Microtek to suit your needs. You can pay using credit card, debit card, net banking and cash on delivery.

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